Wood Fences

Drastically improve the appearance and privacy of your home by adding a custom wood fence. This type of fencing is most popular in Dallas / Fort Worth mainly because of the fence’s appearance, styling, and cost. With many fence styles and options our highly trained staff is here to design a wooden fence that will meet and exceed all of your expectations.


Western Red Cedar Fences

With its naturally beautiful color and resistance to decay, Western Red Cedar is the most common choice for wood in this brutal North Texas environment. The oil in the cedar not only is toxic to insects but creates a compound that greatly increases the life of the fence itself. Cedar can be either left unfinished for a more rugged look or can be stained to add color. Whatever your preference, this type of wood fence will drastically enhance the appearance of any property.

Whitewood Fences

Whitewood fencing offers a very affordable option for those on a tighter budget. Spruce wood fence is white in appearance but can be painted or stained to increase its longevity. When the wood fence is left unfinished, the fence material will fade into a silvery gray color. This type of fencing is an economy wood and irregularities such as small blemishes and warping are sometimes common.


Dog Ear / Picket Fences

A traditional yet simple accent to any fence is the dog ear or picket fence. Picket tops are cut at angles to create a dog ear shape that enables the fence to become more aesthetically appealing.

Capped Fences

This simple design adds a cap to the pickets and posts creating a more finished look to any fence.

Post And Rail Fences

Most commonly used on farms or ranches, post and rail fence design consists of horizontal rails and posts rather than pickets. This is an excellent choice for large properties with rolling terrain.

Shadow Box Fences

Known for its neighbor friendly design, Shadow Box Fence style of fence looks exactly the same on both sides. A shadow box fence design allows for moderate privacy, meaning when looking at the fence head on it appears to be a full privacy fence but when walking along side you are able to see through.

Board On Board Fences

Board on board fence design is made generally for those customers seeking total privacy. This is accomplished by overlapping pickets ¾” to one inch. This effect creates a very clean look while enhancing the strength of the fence itself. Caps and fascia boards are common design accessories that accentuate the board on board design.

Horizontal Fencing

Beautiful, modern, and extremely functional, horizontal wood fencing continues its surge in popularity.

Custom Design Fence Solutions

Precision Fencing and its professional design team have the capabilities to create any custom style to suit your fencing needs.