Fencing is typically thought of as a utilitarian necessity to establish yard boundaries, keep out unwanted people and pets, keep in kids, provide privacy, and generally maintain a certain sense of security. While those are all true and necessary functions of a fence, this line of thinking tends to result in utilitarian designs in fencing as well. However, there is a trend in rethinking fencing as a part of rethinking your backyard experience.

Backyards are no longer only a place to keep the dog or play kickball with the kids. More and more, people are utilizing their backyards as an extended part of the house where more people can gather. In that vein, many people will spend a lot of time and money designing landscapes and hardscapes that help to carry out that vision of an outdoor living space fit for entertaining friends and family.

In spaces like these, the fence should not be an afterthought, but an inclusive part of the design. No one wants a backyard fit for their daughter’s wedding hemmed in by a cheap fence. As you are considering the design of your yard as a potential party space, choose a fence that is thoughtful and consistent with the rest of your design. More and more people are even painting their fences in more vibrant colors as an integrated part of their design that also captures their personality.

Contact Precision Fencing and we can help you rethink your fence choice in order to help you get that backyard you’ve been dreaming of.

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