Multi-Family Fencing and Construction

At Precision Fencing and Construction, we provide professional, high quality construction service for both owners and management companies of multi-family properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Precision Fencing and Construction will complete your next capital improvement or just a routine maintenance project. We are in the business of building relationships and will manage your project as if we will be completing your next exterior renovation. Please see the list below of all our exterior services:

Complete Siding Replacement

Precision Fencing and Construction provides full siding and carpentry replacement for you multi-family project. We understand the importance of the exterior of your property and are fully trained to protect it’s value. We use the latest techniques to shield your multi-family property from the elements while protecting its structural integrity.

Roof Replacement

Precision Fencing and Construction is very versed in completing your next roof project. With years of experience in the insurance sector we can guide you through your next claim due to hail and storm damage. We will be there from day one until the claim is settled and your are happy with your final settlement.

Dumpster Surround

Precision Fencing and Construction has the capabilities of meeting all the city and state requirements to protect your commercial trash enclosure. Whether it’s wood, vinyl, masonry or composite we can build your next dumpster enclosure to meet your needs and budget.

Exterior Painting

Screen Walls

Balcony Reconstruction/Repairs

Full Exterior Renovations

Patio/Landing Repairs