Choosing a fence contractor can be difficult. Prices and materials vary and you just hope you don’t get some fly by night crew that throws up some poorly build fence and moves along to the next neighborhood. So here are a few things to avoid in choosing a contractor:

  • Only considering the price – The old adage, “you get what you pay for” is usually true. If it’s cheap, it’s probably because it’s cheap. Don’t just look at the bottom line price on a proposal. Get information about materials used, time spent, warranties, etc.
  • Not asking around – Do your due diligence. Ask friends and neighbors who put their fence in and whether or not they are happy with the product and the experience. Check references and see what kind of reviews they get from other customers.
  • Not asking enough questions – Ask as many questions as you can about the materials that they will use, how long the job will take, what their warranty policy is, etc. A contractor who is annoyed by too many questions might have something to hide.
  • Being negligent – Do your part to make sure that utilities have been properly located and that your contractor understands property lines, neighborhood restrictions and guidelines, and any other issues that may arise that could inconvenience your household far beyond when your fence contractor has gone home.
  • Only looking at photos – Make sure your contractor provides you with physical samples of the materials that he is going to be using. This will allow you to have a better handle on the quality and appearance of your finished product. Photos can be deceiving and you may find out that what you thought was a great looking fence is really poorly constructed.

Do your homework and pick the right fence contractor because you’ll have to live with the fence long after they’re gone.

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