Jimmy Parker

President and CEO

Jimmy started STAT in early 2012, after spending more than 10 years at FedEx. After a brief stent in corporate America, he began doing research on couriers. Jimmy founded STAT with the dream of a medical courier that could offer not only 1, 2, or 4 hour deliveries, but one that had a Next Day service as well, reducing pharmacies cost for medication delivery. STAT has now grown to the largest Medical courier in the state of Texas.

Cory Ross

Vice President of Operations

Cory was hired at STAT as the first employee. He started as a driver and worked hard adapting to all of the different routes, while learning new areas. Within 3 years he was promoted to the planning and organizing side of STAT. Cory excels in both high stress and high work load environments while performing with a consistently high degree of accuracy. He combines technical competence with dependability and loyalty to help the STAT Team grow and excel in a larger marketplace.

Thomas Yates

Vice President of Sales

Thomas joined the STAT team in 2013. He had been a Director of Operations at another courier for more than 10 years. With the extensive knowledge and business planning, he was promoted multiple times and is now the Vice President of Sales and Account Management and is now heading up the marketing team for STAT.

Tobi Torres

Director of Austin and San Antonio

Tobi started with STAT in 2014. He spent more than 20 years in the courier industry and now he oversees STATs Austin, and San Antonio operations. Tobi has been one of the most instrumental parts of STATs growth in these regions and continues to exceed all expectations in these areas.

John Sutterfield

Director of Operations

John started with the STAT team in late 2012. He had spent more than 10 years between FedEx and other couriers around Dallas. John was originally brought on to help operations and dispatch, but was quickly promoted to Director of Operations, and continues to excel in keeping STAT operations at top notch.