For most people, deciding between residential or commercial fencing is pretty easy. If you only need to get a fence for your home, you are probably find with getting residential fencing. Dallas corporations are more than likely going to get commercial fencing for their property.

But what if you’re somewhere in the middle? Maybe you need fencing for your home that is higher quality, more durable, or has other characteristics not available in residential fencing? Dallas has plenty of fencing options available for both residential and commercial customers.
How much privacy does your fencing need to provide?

The amount of privacy you need can help you to determine whether or not you need residential or commercial fencing. Both residential and commercial fences can offer privacy, but if you have a larger complex or need thicker fencing, you’re more likely going to find the kinds of fencing to meet your privacy needs from a commercial fence.

If however you don’t need a lot of privacy, then most residential fencing options should be suitable for you.

Do you have a large dumpster that needs its own enclosure?

Some properties will have a large dumpster that will need fencing to protect. For most residential needs, a dumpster enclosure isn’t necessary, which means that commercial fencing may be an ideal avenue to pursue. If you have a standard sized dumpster for your property, you residential fencing in Dallas should work fine.

How durable do your fences need to be?

For whatever reason, some properties may require fencing that has higher durability. This could be for a variety of reasons, from weather to security to any other reason. You always want fencing that can withstand the weather and natural elements of your region, but many properties that don’t need to worry about security can utilize most residential fencing options.

Does your fencing need to be aesthetically pleasing?

At Precision Fencing, we can help you create a fencing system that is as aesthetically pleasing as you need. If you don’t have particular aesthetic needs you’d like to meet, you’ll have greater fencing options available and the pricing is likely to be more flexible.

Looking for residential fencing? Dallas companies looking for commercial fencing? Or are you looking for unique fencing solutions? Contact us today at Precision Fencing to learn more about our fencing options and how we can help you meet your needs.

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